What Jelly Bean Flavours Are There?

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Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we are crazy about huge, delicious flavours! We love them so much in fact that we have created 36 unique and exciting gourmet flavours for you to enjoy! Yes, that’s 36 huge flavours! Each fancy little jelly bean is just jam packed and bursting with so much flavour that it’ll make you wonder how we did it. But what jelly bean flavours are there? Well here is our beginner’s guide to all things flavour at The Jelly Bean Factory. Don’t forget to spin the wheel to discover which jelly bean flavour you are!

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Fruit Flavours In Our Jelly Beans!

Did you know fruit is one of the few things on this planet that wants to be eaten? Over the years it has evolved to make itself irresistible to us. It has vibrant, eye-catching colours and is overflowing with juicy, sweet flavour in every bite.

That’s why fruit has been such an inspiration for our jelly bean flavours. We love the explosion of tangy, zesty, sweet flavours and have done our best to recreate that moment in every mouthful of our gourmet jelly beans.

We’ve gone straight to source to use the natural fruity juicy fruit juices in our gourmet jelly beans to give you the tastiest fruitiest flavours ever!


Blueberry – The humble blueberry flavoured jelly bean is just filled with a mellow sweet flavour that makes him everyone’s favourite little blue bean.

Grape – The great gourmet grape is full of juicy flavour just waiting to become either wine or, if they’re really lucky, a Jelly Bean Factory jelly bean.

Coconut – No one knew if Coconut was a nut or a fruit. We asked it and it said it didn’t want to be either, it wanted to be a gourmet jelly bean flavour made with only the finest natural ingredients. We were only happy to help little Coconut and now they’re one of our fanciest jelly bean flavours.

Cranberry and Apple – We like Cranberry, we like Apple, but not as much as Cranberry likes Apple and Apple likes Cranberry. These two flavours work so well together we just couldn’t separate them and so the Cranberry and Apple jelly bean flavour is full of double the amazing taste.

English Blackberry – For years the sweet sophisticated flavour of the English Blackberry was relegated to pie and crumbles, perhaps a nice jam now and then. One day the English Blackberry said ‘enough, I want to be something fun and exciting and full of all natural flavours!’, and so the English Blackberry found its place as one of our most decadent gourmet jelly beans.

Apple –  Apple. She’s so sweet, but there’s an edge to her. A rich complex flavour that gets everyone talking. Apple. The word just rolls off the tongue and leaves delicious flavour as she does.

Hawaiian Pineapple – A tropical treat for the senses, this jelly bean flavour takes you back to that holiday you think about daily and wish you could go back to.

Lemon and Lime – Lemon and Lime, together. This classic combination of tangy citrus flavour is a time tested favourite that belongs in our gourmet jelly beans.

Mango – Another tropical delight! This jelly bean flavour is so sweet and mellow and you’ll find yourself instantly relaxing.

Passion Fruit – Fresh and fruity, the Passion Fruit is a gourmet flavour that every taste bud should get to experience

Pear – It’s Pear flavour! Everybody likes Pears.

Pink Grapefruit – Ok so we know the jelly bean itself isn’t pink on the outside, but on the inside, this jelly bean is just full of juicy Pink Grapefruit flavour.

Pomegranate – Finally the delicious great flavour of Pomegranate without all the fuss and faff of you know… Pomegranate.

Sour Lemon – We can’t all be neat and sweet, some of our jelly bean flavours are a little bitter like our Sour Lemon flavour jelly bean.

Kiwi – All the fun and flavour of a kiwi and none of the fuss or fuzz, with our Kiwi flavour jelly bean.

Watermelon – Ever wanted to fit a whole Watermelon in your mouth? Now you can, with our Watermelon flavour jelly bean!

Tangerine – Our Tangerine flavour jelly bean is like an Orange but smaller… but even smaller.

Strawberry –  Our strawberry flavour jelly bean is perfect for any occasion! Weddings, birthdays, Wimbledon, Strawberry is there.

Wild Cherry – A Cherry flavoured jelly bean would have been too obvious, but no one suspects a Wild Cherry flavour jelly bean.

A selection of marshmallows

Sweets and desserts!

We all love dessert! The best part of every meal is looking at all the wonderful, sweet, decadent desserts you just can’t wait to tuck into, and the worst part of every meal is trying to pick just one. So here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we decided to do you a favour and take all the joy and wonder of a good dessert and put it in a small, delicious jelly bean.

Our dessert jelly bean flavours take all the joy of a delicious candy treat and make it so you can have as many as you want! You can feel like a kid in a candy shop and all you need is one jar of The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans!

Our dessert and candy-inspired jelly beans contain no harmful E numbers or unnecessary sugars either, meaning you can have all the joy of wolfing down that candy floss and having a marshmallow or twenty all while enjoying our all natural jelly bean flavours!


Banana Split – A Banana Split is a gooey sloppy mess, a Banana Split flavour jelly bean on the other hand is a whole dessert in one neat little bean.

Bubblegum –  We all love Bubblegum until it loses its flavour and you have to spit it out. Now you can have the delicious flavour of Bubblegum in a delicious Bubblegum flavoured jelly bean!

Butterscotch – Ah Butterscotch, the best sauce, the best sweets and maybe even the best jelly bean flavour?

Candy Floss – Now you can have all the fun of the fair with the Candy Floss flavour jelly bean!

Liquorice – What is the black jelly bean? What is his flavour? What is he? He’s a gourmet Liquorice flavour jelly bean of course!

Marshmallow – The delicious taste of a sweet fluffy Marshmallow in one tiny Marshmallow flavour bean.

Caramel Popcorn – With the Caramel Popcorn flavour jelly bean we can finally have the irresistible flavour of Caramel Popcorn without all those pesky corn kernels getting in the way.

Peachy Pie – Everyone likes Peach, everyone likes Pie, everyone likes Peachy Pie. Everyone loves Peachy Pie flavour jelly beans.

Mint Sorbet – A Mint Sorbet that doesn’t hurt your teeth when you bite into it, how?! Mint Sorbet flavoured jelly beans that’s how!

Raspberry Jam – With a Raspberry Jam flavour jelly bean, you can have the best part of a cream tea in an instant.

A Pina Colada cocktail


For years now, some of the world’s greatest minds have worked tirelessly to try and answer the great question, ‘Can you eat a drink?’ Have no fear, our jelly bean scientists have been working to bring you… drinks as a jelly bean. Drink flavoured jelly beans!

Now you can relax, take a moment and have that cocktail, and another, and another, without a care in the world. Drinks with friends have never been so easy! You want a cocktail, but your friend wants coffee, oh and of course your other friend is on another juice kick.

Now with our drink inspired jelly bean flavours, you and all your friends can sit for hours around a jar of jelly beans and talk about the important issues in life. Like ‘Why are these jelly beans so tasty?’ and ‘How do we get more?!’ (hello grab and go bag!)

French Vanilla – The French Vanilla latte is a vice for many of us. Full of caffeine and always overpriced, we are in desperate need of an alternative. So, we at The Jelly Bean Factory are proud to present the French Vanilla flavour jelly bean!

Cola– Can you imagine the great taste of Cola without all the harmful sugars and chemicals? No? That’s ok, we did it for you and now we have the Cola flavour jelly bean.

Café Latte – Ooh La La! The Café Latte flavour jelly bean is the perfect plane ticket. In just one bite you feel like you’re in that café in France, that bistro in Italy, or that coffee house in New York you’ve always wanted to visit with your friends.

Pina Colada – The Pina Colada is so good they went and wrote a whole song about it! Sadly you can’t eat 20 Pina Coladas in a row. You can however eat 20 Pina Colada flavour gourmet jelly beans.

Strawberry Smoothie – Do you crave the sweet creamy taste of Strawberry Smoothie but your lactose intolerance is getting in the way? The Strawberry Smoothie flavour jelly bean is completely lactose-free and still has that delicious mouthwatering taste!

Tropical Punch –  We wanted to make the juiciest, fruitiest, fanciest jelly bean flavour ever! So we made the Tropical Punch flavour jelly bean. It’s bursting with a delightfully sweet flavour and it’s just dying for you to taste it!


Yes, Cinnamon. We don’t really know how to categorise this rebellious little bean. Is he sweet? Is he spicy? Some people rush to him, the hottest bean in the box that everyone wants to taste. Others fear him, they’ve heard of his huge flavour and worry they can’t handle it. To some, he brings joyous memories of the holidays, mulled wine and apple cider. To some, a mellow, warm holiday treat, but to others, he is a fireball, a maverick. He doesn’t fit in, and he doesn’t want to fit in. He’s Cinnamon. Can you handle him?


Can’t wait to get your hands on some of our delicious huge flavours? Then visit our shop for all your jelly bean needs!

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