Tips To Survive Dry January

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Tips to Survive dry January

This January why not try cutting out alcohol for the month. People up and down the UK are participating in Dry January.

Giving up alcohol can have a lot of health benefits and best of all you can save a lot of money when you cut out your usual trip to the pub or bottle of wine in the shopping.

We understand that despite the health benefits, giving up alcohol can be tough and it might not be as easy as you first thought, so here are The Jelly Bean Factory’s tips to survive dry January.


What Is Dry January?

Dry January is a pledge that people make in January, it challenges people to stop drinking for a month and see if they feel any better. The idea of Dry January is to help improve our lifestyles and see if we feel any better after giving up alcohol.

There are many proven benefits to giving up alcohol. Giving up alcohol can help you lose weight and give you more energy to do things like go for a walk and exercise. Alcohol can also increase your appetite so cutting down on alcohol can also help you cut down on snacking.

Best of all, you’d be surprised how much money you can save when you decide to stop spending money on alcohol. It might not seem like a lot when you are putting a bottle of wine in the shopping trolly or going for a quick pint or two after work, but the pennies can soon start adding up.

Although there are lots of benefits to giving up alcohol, it’s not as easy as you might think. That’s why we’ve got some helpful tips to survive dry January.


Tips To Survive Dry January

If you want to give up alcohol and see if you can benefit from the change, but you are struggling with completing the whole month, then are some clever hints and tips to help you out.


1. Remember you are giving up alcohol, not fun!

Just because you are giving up alcohol doesn’t mean you have to give up everything related to it. If you usually go to the pub after work or meet up with friends for drinks on the weekend. You can still do this even if you have given up alcohol, this time just order a non-alcoholic drink. you might even find that you spend less money and have more fun.

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2. Find An Alternative

Find a non-alcoholic drink that works for you. this way instead of reaching for your usual glass of wine or ordering your favourite cocktail you might find you prefer a can of a soft drink or a perfectly roasted cup of coffee instead.

There are also a lot of non-alcoholic beers and wines that can make you feel like you are still drinking alcohol even though you have switched to a healthier alcohol-free lifestyle.


3. Find Something New To Crave

Sometimes we opt for that drink on an evening just because it gives us something to do, sates a craving and helps us bring the day to a close. It can be helpful if you find a new thing to crave. better yet try and replace that hankering for alcohol with a healthy snack.

The Jelly Bean Factory gourmet jelly beans can be a great snack to serve as a reward at the end of the day. They have a delicious sweet gooey jelly inside, perfectly encased in a shiny, crunchy flavourful shell. Best of all they come in a wide range of 36 huge flavours, including our amazingly mouthwatering Pina Colada flavoured jelly bean for when you are just craving a delicious hit of your favourite cocktail.

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4. Keep Track Of Your Savings

If you are missing drinking with your friends or feeling a little down, then look at how much money you have saved. Take note of how much money you have in your bank account at the end of each week and compare with other weeks, you might notice that you have more money than you usually would and that’s money that can be saved and spent on a treat for you.


5. Pat Yourself On the Back

Trying to cut alcohol out of your diet, whether you decide to continue or not, is a huge lifestyle change and you should be very proud of yourself. Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back and remember that you did a great job.

Tips to Survive dry January

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