The History Of Jelly Beans and Other Sweets

Jelly Bean graphic
Jelly Bean graphic

We all love jelly beans. How could we not with their perfect shiny crunchy shells and the amazing, flavourful jelly centres.

Yes, the jelly bean is possibly the perfect sweet, but where did they come from? Well, sit back and relax with a jar of tasty gourmet jelly beans and get ready as we tell you all about the history os jelly beans and other sweets.


Where Do Sweets Come From?

Before fire, before the wheel, sweets where one of the earliest inventions! Yes, sweets have existed for as long as we humans have. Early man would dip fruit and nuts into sweet honey and make a little sweet treat for themselves.

Over history the sweet evolved and grew into something bigger. It evolved from bitter drinks mixed with sugar to real drinking chocolate like the hot chocolate we know today. Sweets and candies were once only available to very rich but over time the mass production sugar meant that everyone could enjoy a sweet treat every now and then.

One of the oldest know sweets is Turkish Delight, which historians believe was creating in Greece over 500 years ago and the recipe remains mostly unchanged. Turkish Delight is a sweet that is made by heating sugar until it thickens and flavouring it with fruit or floral syrups.

Turkish Delight is possibly the oldest and closest know relative of the jelly bean.

Turkish Delight

Who Invented The Jelly Bean?

The jelly bean is believed to have invented by William Schrafft a sweet maker from Boston. He had the idea to mould jelly into small round shapes, or beans, hence the name jelly beans. He encouraged people to send them as gift to solders that were away from home fighting in a war. No wonder jelly beans make the perfect present! They were invented to be a great gift right from the start!

Jelly beans became popular in the 1930s when they become synonymous with easter. Jelly beans remain a popular easter candy and a lot of people chose to eat jelly beans at easter because of there egg like shape.

Jelly beans reached the hight popularity mid 60’s when governor Ronald Reagan publicly expressed his love of the candies. Reagan even used jelly beans to help him kick his nicotine addiction and when he became president he had jelly beans in every room of the white house.

A machine filled with Jelly Beans

The History Of The Jelly Bean Factory!

in 1988 Father and son Peter and Richard Cullen founded The Jelly Bean Factory and the world of jelly beans has never been the same. The Jelly Bean Factory is dedicated to created amazing mouth watering jelly beans with unique delicious flavours. The jelly bean factory was acquired by Cloetta in 2014 and we’ve been unstoppable ever since.

What started as a family start up is now a leading manufacturer of gourmet jelly beans and we have been passionate about making great sweets for over twenty years.

Founders Peter and Richard Cullen were first movers to produce natural sweets, we only use the best all natural flavours in our gourmet jelly beans and use any nasty unnecessary chemicals and E-numbers.

We are also very proud to say that all of our gourmet jelly beans are vegetarian, gluten-free, halal and kosher!

We are excited to share all of our amazing all natural huge flavours and bright vibrant coloured beans. We love creating new and exiting flavours that we just know you will enjoy. Try our unique mouth-watering delicious flavours and see which ones are your favourites!

The Jelly Bean Factory founders Peter and Richard Cullen

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