Yes. That's Flavour!

36 Flavours of jelly beans

Jelly Bean graphic

Small gourmet jelly beans, challenging the status quo of flavour. With a crispy shell that captures the flavour from the inside out. Giving you a continuous surprise.

Discover 36 flavours of jelly beans! Spin the wheel to discover which jelly bean flavour you are! 

Banana split flavoured Jelly Bean

Banana Split

Usually found frequenting the latest restaurant to hit the scene. Always asks for the dessert menu because ‘life’s too short’ right? A fan of a straight down the middle, clean split of the restaurant bill. No stress.
blueberry flavoured Jelly Bean


Like that kid in the Chocolate Factory, you know what you want and you go out and get it. You’re an organised list maker to a tee! You’re decisive, you’re straightforward and you’re a ‘get stuff done and dusted’ kind of person.
Bubblegum flavoured Jelly Bean


You’re a daydreamer, usually found sitting at your desk at 3pm in a kind of trance only a sugar fix can solve. “Get this person a jelly bean… STAT” Your creativity knows no bounds and woah, when you come up with an idea, people sit up and take note.
Butterscotch flavoured Jelly Bean


Your internet searches mainly consist of ‘how do I say no without upsetting people’ and ‘how can I be in three places at once?’ President of your local tennis, cricket and volleyball team. You’re a people pleaser, a do-gooder and an all round good egg.
Grape flavoured Jelly Bean


Your fridge basically consists of wine and cheese You’re a champion at hosting dinner parties An endless bucket of knowledge on popular culture.
Coconut flavoured Jelly Bean


Adrenaline is your oxygen. Most like to throw themselves out of a plane, off a bridge attached to a bungee cord or abseiling down the tallest building you can possibly get your hands on. A weekend lie in is for the weak - you’ve normally smashed a casual marathon by 10am on a Saturday. (We’re tired just thinking about it to be honest.)
Banana split flavoured Jelly Bean

Banana Split

Usually found frequenting the latest restaurant to hit the scene. Always asks for the dessert menu because ‘life’s too short’ right? A fan of a straight down the middle, clean split of the restaurant bill. No stress.
Salted caramel flavoured Jelly Bean

Salted Caramel

Sassy, stylish and serene. You take life with a huge pinch of salt (the caramel kind). Nothing phases you - Stress, what’s that?????
French vanilla flavoured Jelly Bean

French Vanilla

If there’s a breakfast you don’t excel at then we don’t want to hear about it. A purveyor of the finest smashed avocado, a creator of the very best pain au chocolat and a wizard at throwing together a brunch at the drop of a hat. Darling, no one can poach an egg quite like you...
Candyfloss flavoured Jelly Bean

Candy Floss

You’re renowned for your sweet tooth, in fact, there’s probably a dessert named after you - if not, maybe now’s the time to create one. Most likely to add syrup to your morning latte during the commute. You’re a talker, you’ll start a conversation with just about anyone and you know everyone’s back stories, including the man behind the post office desk, the train conductor and that lady who jogs at the same as you in the park.
Cranberry apple Jelly Bean

Cranberry & Apple

Seriously, you’re so laid back you’re horizontal. There is nothing in the world that phases you. Usually found hitting your local yoga studio five nights a week for a little zen time.
English blackberry Jelly Bean

English Blackberry

You love nothing better than an old fashioned period drama on TV. You’re a regular host of afternoon tea. You secretly want to be a contestant on the next cooking reality show.
Cola flavoured Jelly Bean


You’re an old school traditionalist who’s not quite ready to give up on their youth just yet. The centre of attention at any and every party you attend. Usually found curating the finest playlists known to humankind.
Forest fruits flavoured Jelly Bean

Forest Fruits

You’re a weekend walker, a mountain climber, a hill finder. You know the best places to scale in even the most treacherous of conditions - in fact you laugh in the face of snow, rain and thunder! You value your peace, quiet and alone time and regularly take yourself off the grid and seek out those ‘no signal spots’.
Apple flavoured Jelly Bean


When you’re ‘hangry’, the world knows about it. Your desk drawers are packed full of healthy snacks and a selection of different flavoured tea bags. You’re always on time and run your day with military precision.
Hawaiian pineapple flavoured Jelly bean

Hawaiian Pineapple

You’re a rule breaker. A maverick. The kind of person who throws caution to the wind and adds pineapple to their pizza without a care in the world.
Lemon lime flavoured Jelly Bean

Lemon & Lime

Brave or fearless, you’ve not quite figured out which yet. From parachuting to wind surfing, you’ll try your hand at just about anything. You’ve always got a story to tell about your latest adventure, with one eye on going bigger and better on the next one.
Bubble tea peach flavoured Jelly Bean

Peach Bubble Tea

Peachy is your middle name because you’re a walking good luck charm. Every traffic light turns to green when you’re on a road trip or even if you’re just nipping to the shop for milk and a loaf of bread. You’re also a kid at heart and secretly still own that 90’s game console.
Mango flavoured Jelly Bean


You’re a traveller, a nomad, a wanderer. Your friends are forever wondering if you’ll stay put, but your passport has more stamps than a letterbox. You can’t remember the last time you wore a pair of shoes.

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Marshmallow flavoured Jelly Bean


Hello there adventurer! You’re most at home in the great wild outdoors; toasting marshmallows round the campfire. You own your own jet ski, kayak and water skis and you’ll use all three on one weekend.
Caramel popcorn flavoured Jelly Bean

Caramel Popcorn

You’re a series binger, from horror films to crime dramas, chick flicks to the latest must-see reality show. Your friends come to you for advice on what should be on their watchlist. You also have a secret love of conspiracy theories and you’ll usually be found reading them with the lights off at 2am.
Passionfruit flavoured Jelly Bean

Passion Fruit

You’re a winner. A gold medal finalist, a champion. You’ll stop at nothing to get what you want. Favourite sport: Spin class followed by 2 aerobics classes and a quick yoga session to cool down… and that’s just your lunch break.
Peachy pie flavoured Jelly Bean

Peachy Pie

Loyalty is your middle name - well maybe not legally but it should be. Your messaging apps are full to the brim with groups of which you’re the proud admin of at least 10 of them. Usually found coaching your friends through their latest life crisis.
Pear flavoured Jelly Bean


Saving the planet one day at a time. You plan your meals expertly, and stick to it no matter what (we won’t tell anyone about that secret takeaway you had.) Knows where to buy the BEST organic food money can buy.
Cherry blossom soda flavoured Jelly Bean

Cherry Blossom Soda

You are happiness personified and able to turn even the biggest frown upside down on anyone you meet. Regularly seen doing good deeds for the neighbours. Usually the one bringing baked goods into the office every day of the week - what’s life without a little cake right?
Pink grapefruit flavoured Jelly Bean

Pink Grapefruit

Good morning sunshine! You’re an avid early riser - 5am is your happy place. You’re fast paced and non-stop with a packed full diary of brunch dates, group running sessions and evening drinks - life’s too short right?
pomegranate flavoured Jelly Bean


You’re pretty sure memes were invented just for you. You mainly communicate by emoji and you never shy away from a GIF or two. Your phone storage is always verging on 99% full and don’t get us started on how many unread emails you have in your inbox. You’re also the person that drops hashtags into normal conversation #sorrynotsorry #doyouwantajellybean.
Jelly Bean pina colada

Pina Colada

A party isn’t a party until you’ve rocked up. You avoid routine at all costs preferring to live by the motto, ‘variety is the spice of life’. You occasionally like to get caught in the rain...
Jelly Bean respberry

Raspberry Jam

Strong, feisty and man, you really take no prisoners. Practice martial arts on the side and currently working towards your black belt. Basically don’t mess with you unless you want your ass kicked…
Jelly Bean sour lemon

Sour Lemon

You know that line in when Chandler asks if he can ‘interest you in a sarcastic comment’? Yep, this is you. You’re renowned for your dry sense of humour plus your laugh can be heard from approximately 28 miles away. Most likely to have a totally unconventional past time for the weekend.
Jelly Bean kiwi


You’re full of surprises and no two days with you are ever the same. You’d quite happily sit through a 3 hour classical musical concert followed by a 3 day heavy metal rock festival. Like the kiwi, you’re sweet with an added kick!
Jelly Bean watermelon


Most likely to have an account on every single social media available. You secretly watch TikTok videos when you think no one's watching. Always take at least 97 photos on every single night out.
Jelly Bean strawberry smoothie

Strawberry Smoothie

You’re a strawberry with a twist. You’re a mix of flavours all thrown into one. You’re a career driven adrenaline seeker, but you also like an incredibly rare rest day with zero WIFI and complete silence. No one likes to be predictable right?
Jelly Bean tangerine


In all honesty, you’re hilarious. You probably should have been performing stand-up in another life. Your weekends are spent attending comedy clubs and after-parties whilst drinking a brightly coloured cocktail.
Jelly Bean strawberry


You’re career driven and your work phone is surgically attached to your hand. Your diary is full of meetings and long business lunches but there’s always a glass or two of champagne thrown in for your good measure, because hey, it would be rude not to! Once tried caviar, didn’t actually like it.
Jelly Bean tropical punch

Tropical Punch

You work hard and you play even harder. Your happy place is a BBQ on a Hawaiian beach, you never turn down the chance for an all inclusive. Your phone has a consistent countdown to your next holiday which you’ve probably booked before returning from the previous one.
Jelly Bean wild cherry

Wild Cherry

You’re a wild child at heart, despite outward appearances. If your headphones are in then you’re definitely listening to Jimi Hendrix. Currently designing up your next tattoo.

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