Jelly Bean Nutritional Information & Ingredients

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What goes into our delicious jelly beans to make them so sensational? It must be magic, right? Nope! It’s carefully selected ingredients that have been tried, tested and perfected over the years to bring you the very best flavours.

At The Jelly Bean Factory®, we use all-natural ingredients! That’s right – all of our colours and flavours are made from natural ingredients.

We want to create the best possible experience in flavour, colour and texture, so we pride ourselves on using the finest ingredients in our jelly beans. 


Here is the full list of ingredients used to produce our tasty gourmet jelly beans: Sugar, glucose syrup, maize starch, fruit juice concentrates (pineapple, orange, apple), natural flavourings, concentrates from (carrot, pumpkin, apple, spirulina, radish, blackcurrant, hibiscus), acids (citric acid, fumaric acid), glazing agents (shellac, carnauba wax, beeswax), caramelized sugar, acidity regulator (trisodium citrate), coconut oil.

We frequently get asked questions about our jelly beans. Including:

  • Are jelly beans vegetarian? Yes! They are.
  • Are jelly beans Halal? Yes! They are.
  • Are jelly beans Kosher? Yes! They are.
  • Are jelly beans gluten free? Yes! They are.

Nutritional Information

Jelly Bean Nutritional Information Per 100g

Per 100g


1576kj / 371kcal

Fat, Total





of which sugars





Salt / Sodium

0.04g /0.016g

Jelly Beans should always be stored in a cool dry place.

Got a question about the nutritional information or the ingredients used to make our jelly beans? Check out or FAQs or contact us! Our team will get back to you as soon as they can.