How To Throw An Amazing Halloween Party With Jelly Beans!

A carved pumpkin

It’s Halloween and things are getting a little bit spooky over here at The Jelly Bean Factory. Now, we love Halloween, because who doesn’t love a holiday where you can eat all the sweets you want and have fin doing.

We believe that delicious sweets are the most important part of Halloween and they should really be the centre of attention! So here is how to throw an amazing Halloween party with jelly beans!


Paint a Pumpkin…or a Jar Of Jelly Beans!

Everyone loves carving spooky silly faces onto pumpkins, it’s a Halloween tradition! but recently things have been changing in the pumpkin carving world.

Carving pumpkins can be a messy job, you have to scoop out all the messy cold stringy pumpkin bits from the middle and cut through thick pumpkin skin that just ends up going in the bin. Not to mention carving pumpkins can be a dangerous job, especially when there are little hands with sharp knives and slippery pumpkins about.

That’s why in recent years people have started to paint the designs right onto the pumpkin! This way you can still get that spooky pumpkin look with none of the messy, dangerous carving, and unlike carving, if you make a mistake, you can just paint over it!

But why stop there! If you are going to paint spooky designs on a pumpkin why not paint a spooky design on, oh I don’t know, a jar of gourmet jelly beans.

Our jars of gourmet jelly beans come absolutely bursting with delicious gourmet jelly beans that are perfect for sharing with friends or eating all by yourself. Best of all they come in a good-sized, reusable plastic jar with a handy carry handle meaning you can carry your jar of jelly beans – or spooky painted jar of jelly beans – wherever you need to go.

A carved pumpkin

Watch a Scary Movie

Halloween can only mean one thing right…Horror Movies! There’s nothing better than having all your friend’s round, turning off all the lights and having a good old horror movie marathon! Maybe be you like the classic old fashioned 80’s slashers or maybe you’re more of a modern psychological thriller fan. Maybe you prefer the light frights that aren’t too scary but still get you that Halloween mood.

Whatever kind of Halloween film you prefer there are two things that every good Halloween movie night needs, good snacks and good friends…so what about some good snacks that are perfect for sharing with friends!

Our jars of jelly beans are the perfect snack when it comes to sharing with friends. Best of all our jars of gourmet jelly beans come in some pretty big sizes like 700g, 1.3kg and our biggest jar is a monster 4.2kg! Don’t worry, The Jelly Bean Factory Jars of jelly beans are resealable so you can lock in the flavour on any jelly beans you and your friends can’t make it through.

Some friends watching a movie together

Make Spooky Witches Brew Drinks!

Everyone loves having a Halloween party! We get all dress up, fill the house with spooky scary decorations and play those classic Halloween tunes…but then the drinks are all just…regular drinks? Well, that’s no fun.

With The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans, you can turn any drink into a spooky Halloween treat. You can add red, yellow and orange jelly beans into a glass of orange or cranberry juice to make it into a molten lave drink! The fire coloured jelly beans will look like molten rocks in a sea of lava, but be careful and watch out for our sneaky spicy cinnamon bean, even he’s too hot for some lava!

Or make a green witchy drink. Make a drink with whatever green drink you like; apple juice or limeade works great. Then drop in some of the white jellybeans like coconut, caramel popcorn, or French vanilla. They should look like frog’s spawn flooding around din your green witches brew. drink up…if you dare!

A Frog sitting in a pond

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