Easter Gifts For People Who Don’t Like Chocolate

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It’s Easter time and stores are full of chocolate. And it’s safe to say that not everyone is a chocolate lover (how scandalous!).

Not everyone will go out to the supermarket and treat themselves to an Easter Egg. So what exactly can we buy for someone who doesn’t like chocolate?

Actually… quite a lot!

Things You Can Give Instead Of Chocolate

Here’s 7 things you can gift to somebody this Easter and we’re positive they’ll appreciate your efforts.


Perhaps the easiest swap for chocolate is sweets. And those with a sweet-tooth will agree.

You may choose a big, classic tub of mixed sweets or a range of individual packets from different brands. Because it’s Easter, you may even find some Easter-themed sweets. Like Haribo’s Easter jelly bunnies! These soft sweets will be very suitable for your little one, as well as soft chews like Starburst.

How about making someone a hamper full of sweets that they like, including our deliciously flavourful jelly beans.

Jelly Beans

We thought this one deserved its own category.

Our jelly beans come in 36 massive flavours and they’re gluten-free. How do you fancy tangy sour lemon, fruity watermelon, or sweet candyfloss? Mix and match their favourite flavours or even as a treat for yourself (we all deserve one).

Whether you fancy a little bag or a whole jar, we’ve got you covered.

The Jelly Bean Factory New Mix jar

They contain all natural flavouring and plant-based colours so yes; you can enjoy these if you follow a vegetarian diet.


For all those young ones that love cakes, how about swapping chocolate for a cake? A big one or cupcakes. Because the best thing about cake is that chocolate is not the only flavour. Vanilla and red velvet sponge are some popular choices.

To stay in the Easter mood, you can commission a specially designed Easter-themed cake. Or you could by a box mix or ingredients and bake the cake yourself. It will be a fun activity to do with your family and will keep them entertained.


Did you know cheese eggs exist? They are actually rather popular, too. Is this not everyone’s favourite dairy product?


There’s no rule that says you have to buy a food product. You could just as easily make DIY Easter crafts with your children, like creating a bunny-eared backpack.


For a slightly older audience, tea-filled eggs are a thing! Now that’s a tasty and guilt-free gift.

Are you sticking with a classic peach or lemon flavoured tea? Maybe you fancy a cinnamon or hot cross bun flavour to match the Easter period.

Sweet hampers are a thing – but so are tea hampers! Collecting a variety of different teas, including Easter inspired flavours, is an ideal gift for those who don’t like chocolate.

Toy Eggs

Just like the Kinder egg, you can buy plastic eggs that hold toys inside. No need to get through the chocolate layer beforehand.

Children can be kept entertained with toys, small or large. You could even buy a few and make an Easter Egg hunt out of it. That’s a sure fire way to keep them occupied for even longer – and they get to take part in an Easter activity. Even if it’s slightly different than the traditional chocolate egg hunt.

The fun doesn’t stop there. If the casing can’t be painted over, how about a paper mache egg? Then it can be decorated however your child (or you) want.


A classic gift. Freshen up the living space with a lovely bunch of spring flowers. Everyone appreciates a neatly tied bouquet.

If the person you’re buying for loves plants and learns about flowers, you could get a bouquet designed just for them that shares a message. For example, gifting yellow roses can be a symbol of your friendship and the joy it has brought you. Pink roses can portray gratitude, appreciation, and gentleness.

Perfect for pretty much any situation – birthdays, graduation, parents’ day, and Easter of course.

Purchasing Gifts

There are so many unique gift ideas out there for people who don’t like chocolate. Hopefully you can take inspiration from the examples listed here to give a creative and unrestricted gift this Easter.

Especially for the people who don’t like chocolate, being innovative with your gifts shows them your thoughtfulness and appreciation of them. And who doesn’t love getting a gift?

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