Clever Ways To Make Sure People Save The Date

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If you recently got engaged, first of all, congratulations! You may be just starting to think about what kind of wedding you want, or your wedding planning may already be well underway.

One thing’s for sure – you’ll want to make sure that the people you love can make it to celebrate with you on your big day. That’s where a Save the Date comes in!

What Is a Save The Date?

A Save the Date lets all your guests know that you’d like them to attend your wedding well in advance. You might be wondering how that’s different to a traditional wedding invitation.

A Save the Date isn’t as formal as a wedding invitation, and it doesn’t require a lot of detail. Unlike a wedding invite which will typically include information about ceremony and reception timings, the dress code and wedding gift registry details, for example, a Save the Date will usually just have the names of the couple, the date (and possibly the time) of the wedding and the location.

Another difference between the two is that a Save the Date doesn’t require an RSVP, so, at this stage, your guests don’t need to let you know whether or not they can attend the wedding – you’re just giving them notice that you’re getting married and you’d like them to be there.

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Save the Dates aren’t essential, but they’ve become increasingly popular recently, with weddings often planned for many months or even years.

They’re also helpful for couples planning a destination wedding or a wedding with celebrations over multiple days. They give guests more notice, enabling them to book leave and make travel plans and accommodation arrangements.

If you want to let your wedding guests know about your wedding well in advance, here are some clever ways to make sure people save the date!

Use Magnets!

Many people use magnets to stick invitations and important reminders to their fridge.

A magnetic Save the Date is the perfect way to keep your wedding date fresh in people’s minds, and unlike a piece of paper, there’s no risk of it being covered over by something else or falling off! There are many different Save the Date magnets to choose from, including wooden and acrylic designs.

These also make a wonderful keepsake for your guests after the wedding.

Go Digital!

Most of us keep our important information and calendars on our phones where they’re always to hand! Sending out a digital Save the Date means your wedding date isn’t going to get lost in the post or be put somewhere ‘safe’ and forgotten about!

A digital Save the Date is also a clever way to make sure people save the date that’s also better for the environment. Digital Save the Dates are a more sustainable option than sending out physical invitations, particularly if you have a long guest list!

Save The Page!

If you and your fiancé are big readers or know that lots of your guests are, then what better way to save the date than by sending out Save the Dates that can also save the page?

There are plenty of wonderful Save the Date bookmarks that can be personalised to include your names, the wedding location and date and any other essential details you want to get across to your guests at this stage.

And the best bit is, you’ll know that whenever your guests are getting stuck into their latest page-turner, they’ll be reminded of your upcoming wedding date!

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Make It Tasty!

They say that the way to the heart is through the stomach, so why not woo your guests with edible Save the Dates?

Giving your guests a sweet surprise will help them remember your wedding date fondly and provide them with a taste of what’s to come. For example, if you’re having a traditional wedding, you could send out handmade cookies or biscuits with your initials and wedding date stamped into the dough.

Or, if you’re going for a more modern, fun and playful wedding, why not send out a little bag or jar of delicious Gourmet Jelly Beans labelled with your wedding date? Your guests will remember both the juicy flavours and the all-important wedding date!

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