Can I Eat Jelly Beans If I Have Diabetes?

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It’s National Diabetes Week and so we’re asking, can you eat jelly beans if you have diabetes? Yes! Yes, you can, but you need to be careful and only eat what you can. Whether you have diabetes or not, you should always take care when it comes to foods that are high in sugar. We recommend eating our gourmet jelly beans in moderation.

We know it’s tempting but you should never try to finish a whole jar by yourself. Jelly beans are for sharing with friends!

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What Is Diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease where your pancreas struggles to produce enough insulin. Insulin is needed to break down sugar and is important when regulating blood sugar levels. If you don’t produce enough insulin you can get hypoglycemia or raised blood sugar that can lead to serious damage to the body.

There are a few different types of diabetes. The most common being Type 2 diabetes. Other types include Type 1 and Gestational diabetes. Impaired glucose tolerance and Impaired fasting glycaemia are health problems that can also lead to diabetes.


If you have diabetes your body may struggle to regulate your blood sugar, and you may have to keep a close eye on the sugar levels in your body. This can mean you may have to reduce the number of sugary foods you eat on a daily basis.

If you suffer from low blood sugar however you may need to eat some sugary foods throughout the day. Always consult with a doctor to find out what is right for you and your body. Remember all sugary foods and sweets should be eaten in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

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Can You Eat Sweets If You Have Diabetes?

Yes! Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we want everyone to enjoy our delicious sweet treats. Just because you have diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy our 36 huge flavours. If you have diabetes, you may just have to moderate the number of our delicious gourmet jelly beans you eat.

Luckily each one of our gourmet jelly beans is packed so full of flavour that even just a small handful is enough to set your taste buds alight. Our Grab & Go bags are perfect for anyone who just needs a little jelly bean boost during the day.

Please munch responsibly, we want everyone to enjoy our jelly beans in a safe and sensible way. If your body struggles to break down sugar then you should always double-check that you can eat our jelly beans beforehand. Luckily our beans don’t contain any hidden unnatural sugars, E numbers or harmful chemicals, just all-natural sugars, flavours and concentrates.

If you suffer from low blood sugar and may need a quick energy boost during the day, our jelly beans are a great way to get that quick burst of energy with the most mouth-watering explosions of flavour to go with it.


Can I Eat The Jelly Bean Factory’s Gourmet Jelly Beans?

Yes! Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we want as many people as possible to enjoy our delicious gourmet jelly beans and all 36 of their huge flavours.

We’ve worked hard to make our jelly beans suitable for all. We are proud to say that our jelly beans are Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Halal and Kosher. They also don’t include any E Numbers and are free from all 14 EU Allergens(Gluten, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Eggs, Milk, Sesame, Fish, Crustaceans, Molluscs, Soya, Sulphite and Lupin).

We use only the finest all-natural ingredients in our delicious gourmet jelly beans. All of our flavours and colours come from natural sources and we don’t add in any unnecessary preservatives or additives so you know exactly what you’re getting when you try The Jelly Bean Factory Jelly Beans.

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