Can Athletes Eat Jelly Beans?

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A runner at a starting block

Yes! If you’ve been watching the 2020 Tokyo Olympics you are probably thinking “Wow! These athletes truly are amazing. They deserve a treat!”. Good point, we all deserve a little treat every now and them and athlete are no different. Now, we can eat delicious jars of The Jelly Bean Factory gourmet jelly beans when we want a little treat. But what about athletes? Can athletes eat jelly beans? Yes!

A runner at a starting block

Why Do Athletes Need Sugar?

When athletes are working out, the body has to bump the blood round the body faster to make sure all the muscles have all the blood and oxygen they need. the more blood our body pumps the hotter we get, and the body makes us sweat to cool down.

When athletes sweat, they are losing something call electrolytes. Electrolytes are essential minerals in the body that help regulate hydration. Electrolytes can be replaced by consuming sugar. Some athletes choose to drink sports drinks, they are high in sugar and can replace electrolytes very quickly, however, they are often full of harmful chemicals, additives and food colourings that aren’t good for you.

This is why some athletes have taken to consuming more natural sugar foods and drinks. The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans are made from all natural ingredients and are free from any E-numbers and additives. A Jelly Bean Factory jelly bean is the perfect way to get that amazing boost of sugar whilst refraining from any harmful substances and getting an huge flavour explosion as well!

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Can Jelly Beans Be Good For You?

The Human Body needs sugar to function, it’s an important part of out diets. The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans are a great way to get sugar in to your diet. You only need one jelly bean to get that amazing mouth watering huge flavour that feels like you’ve eaten a hole watermelon when actually you’ve just had one tasty little gourmet jelly bean.

Jelly Beans are made with high quality Fairtrade sugar and sugar releases dopamine! Dopamine is happy hormone that the body releases as a reward. We need sugar to live so the body is reminding you and rewarding you with dopamine.

A similar affect happens when you are exercising, the body want you r to exercise more so releases the reward hormones, endorphins. both endorphins and dopamine are fun on their own but combines they can create and amazing burst of happiness for you. So next time you work out, try eating a few of our amazing gourmet jelly beans for that real happiness hit.

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Can Anyone Else Can Eat Jelly Beans?

Yes! Although eating jelly beans can help an athlete train harder and improve their performance, we can all eat jelly beans. weather you’re an athlete or not here at The Jelly Bean Factory we want as many people as possible to enjoy our delicious gourmet jelly beans.

That’s why we use an innovative starch based gelatine in our jelly beans. By eliminating the use of substances like gelatine pork products and wheat, we can safely say that all of our products are vegetarian, gluten-free, halal and kosher!

They are also free from all 14 EU Allergens (Gluten, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Eggs, Milk, Sesame, Fish, Crustaceans, Molluscs, Soya, Sulphite and Lupin) and contain no harmful chemicals or unnecessary E-numbers.

So next time your wating some amazing athletes beating world records and showing off what the best of the best can do, you can eat like an athlete and join them with some tasty tasty jelly beans. Get some friends together, open up a jar of delicious gourmet jelly beans and have a great time trying all 36 of our huge flavours.

With The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans you can feel the rush of the dopamine and buzz of the energy of the games all from the comfort of your living room!


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