need jelly beans? Buy Jelly Beans!

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You LOVE The Jelly Bean Factory® and you’re thinking where can I get my hands on these gourmet beans of flavour? We’re so glad you asked. If you are looking to buy jelly beans, you can purchase any of our products in UK stores listed below OR you can buy jelly beans online and stock up on Amazon. Yes, you’re so welcome!

Jelly beans are the perfect on-the-go snack. Stock up now with our handy ‘grab and go’ bags, boxes and jars of gourmet jelly beans. If you want to snack and share with your family, friends and colleagues, buy jelly bean tubes and sharing bags and share the love (and the flavour). Or get creative when gift-giving with our charming jars of gourmet beans and our novelty gifts. Head to your nearest store or shop the range on Amazon and have our delicious little beans delivered straight to your door.