Are Jelly Beans Vegetarian?

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Are Jelly Beans Vegetarian?

Are Jelly Beans Vegetarian? Yes! The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans are vegetarian. If you are vegetarian or you need a delicious, fun gift for someone who is then you’ve come to the right place. You’re also doing your bit for the planet and I think that deserves a treat…how about some jelly beans? But what makes our jelly beans vegetarian? Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we don’t use any products that come from animal sources, meaning our gourmet jelly beans are completely vegetarian friendly and still have their huge flavours and vibrant colours. A lot of other jelly beans and gummy sweets use something called gelatine which is often made from animals. Our products however are gelatine-free which, eliminates the use of animal products. Instead, we had our top jelly bean scientists develop a recipe that uses starch! It’s a natural substance found in corn, it’s vegetarian safe and still gives our gourmet jelly beans the texture of.… Jelly! GLUTEN FREE, GELATINE FREE

What Are Jelly Beans Made Out Of?

The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans contain nothing but fun, happiness and joy to give them that huge flavour explosion that you deserve. Although, there are some other ingredients I’ll let you in on.  The Jelly Bean Factory only uses the best ingredients for our fancy jelly beans. We make sure to use only the finest natural ingredients to flavour and colour our gourmet jelly beans! This includes fruit juice concentrates like pineapple, orange, and apple. We also use natural flavouring concentrates from all natural ingredients like carrot, pumpkin, apple, spirulina, radish, blackcurrant and hibiscus. We work closely with leading European flavour houses to ensure that we get the best natural flavours for our gourmet jelly beans. Yes! This means that The Jelly Bean Factory is E number free! E numbers are additives that some companies add to products for a variety of reasons such as synthetically colouring the food, enhancing the flavour and preserving it for longer. Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we make sure to achieve this without the use of E numbers that can be harmful to some consumers. Instead, we focus on creating great long-lasting flavour and eye-popping colours with all natural ingredients.

Can I Eat Jelly Beans?

Yes, almost anyone can eat The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans! We have made sure that they are Vegetarian friendly, Gluten free, Lactose free, Halal and Kosher so that anyone can enjoy our delicious sweet treats. And that’s not all! All of our products produced in The Jelly Bean Factory are free from all 14 EU Allergens (Gluten, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Celery, Mustard, Eggs, Milk, Sesame, Fish, Crustaceans, Molluscs, Soya, Sulphite and Lupin) so you can tuck in no matter your dietary restrictions.

Are Jelly Beans Vegan?

Sadly not. Jelly beans use Shellac and beeswax in their shiny crunchy shell. These are animal by-products which means our jelly beans are not suitable for vegans. Can’t wait to get your hands on some of our delicious huge flavours? Then visit our shop for all your jelly bean needs!

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