Are Jelly Beans The Perfect Summer Snack?

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Yes! When the weather gets hot there’s nothing better than sitting out in the sun with friends and enjoying a tasty treat!

And what should that tasty treat be? Why jelly beans of course!

Jelly beans are the perfect summer snack, they’re sweet and chewy and everyone loves a jelly bean. But if you are wondering just what makes jelly beans so perfect for snacking on then don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

So sit back and enjoy some delicious gourmet jelly beans as we explain why jelly beans are the perfect summer snack!

Jelly Bean Give You Energy!

When you work all week, you want to make the most of your summer and fit as much stuff into the weekend as possible! To do this you’re going to need a lot of energy and jelly beans are the perfect way to do this.

Just a handful of jelly beans gets the body pumping with all the endorphins you need to go out there and tackle the day. All of our gourmet jelly beans are made from all-natural ingredients meaning you can get all the energy and of an energy drink but without the nasty chemicals that come with them.


Everyone Can Enjoy Our Jelly Beans!

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Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we want as many people as possible to be able to enjoy our delicious gourmet jelly beans. that’s why we made our jelly beans vegetarian, gluten-free, halal and kosher.

We don’t use animal-based products in our gourmet jelly beans. Instead of using gelatine, which comes from pigs, we use a substance called glucose syrup.

We use starch-based glucose and thicken it into glucose syrup. This way can keep the jelly beans gooey and chewy without the use of animal products.

Unfortunately, our gourmet jelly beans are not suitable for vegans. We use something called shellac, which is extracted from beetles and beeswax which is produced by bees. We try to extract these products in the safest way possible but we can not confirm the insects would be hurt in the process. for that reason our jelly beans are not classed as vegan friendly.


Our Jelly Beans Are Delicious!

The most important part of any summertime snack is how tasty they are! And The Jelly Bean Factory gourmet jelly beans are definitely tasty.

We are very proud of our amazing flavours. We have created and curated some of the most unique and interesting flavours that you can find in the jelly bean world. We have 36 huge flavours for you to try and only use the best all-natural ingredients for our flavourings.

We have classic jelly bean flavour inspired by fruit and other sweets, but we also like to step out of the box. We have some pretty interesting and out-there flavours for our gourmet jelly beans that you won’t find anywhere else!.

Even just one tiny bean is enough to create a powerful flavour explosion that will fill your mouth with some of the most amazing flavours you’ve ever tasted. This is because gourmet jelly beans are a little different from regular jelly beans.

Usually, jelly beans just have a flavoured crunchy sugar shell on the outside, but on the inside, it’s just a regular plain gelatine jelly with no flavour to it.

Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we want you to get the biggest flavour hit possible so we don’t spare any flavour. We have the crunchy sweet flavour shell on the outside but the insides of our jelly beans are a little different.

Our specially designed starch-based gelatine contains all the flavour of the shell so that when you bite into a The Jelly Bean Factory jelly bean you get double the delicious gourmet flavour you would normally get from a regular jelly bean.

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