Are Jelly Beans Halal?

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Sweets that use Gelatine

Are The Jelly Bean Factory jelly beans Halal? Yes! All of our products are Halal compliant and made with Halal requirements in mind. Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we want everyone to be able to enjoy our delicious jelly beans and their huge flavours. We made sure that our recipe is suitable for everyone and so is completely Halal compliant.

So sit back and enjoy some delicious Halal gourmet jelly beans as we explain how we get our delicious jelly beans to still have that perfect jelly feel while still being Halal compliant.


What Makes Something Halal?

The word Halal translates to permissible which means allowed. Almost all food is Halal according to the Quran, unless stated otherwise. Prohibited or unlawful food is not Halal and therefore cannot be consumed by Muslims.

Alcohol is forbid en in the Quran. Despite their delicious huge flavours, none of our jelly beans contain any alcohol. Yes, even the alcohol flavoured ones. Our jelly bean scientists work hard so that all of our huge flavours use only the finest natural ingredients to ensure that all of our flavours are Halal, Kosher, vegetarian and gluten-free.

The Quran requires meat to be prepared in a certain way. All meat must be drained of blood before consumption and any pork is not permitted. A lot of jelly and gummy sweets use a product called gelatine to give them their squishy, chewy texture. Unfortunately, gelatine is usually made from animals, including pigs. This means we had to think of a different way to put the “jelly” in “jelly beans.”


What Is Gelatine?

Gelatine is a product used to make things gelatinous. Gelatine is used in all sorts of products, like ice cream, sweets and even shampoo. It can be used as a thickener or preservative meaning that it is found in a lot of cupboard and pantry goods. Even if it doesn’t appear as an ingredient in some products, it can still be used in the food-making process. Some wines, for example, use gelatine in the fermenting and clearing stages.

Gelatine is made by boiling animal products, like skin and bones, until they thicken into a gel. That gel is then used to give food its shape and texture. Obviously, this isn’t Halal, Kosher or vegetarian friendly so we look for gelatine alternatives in our jelly beans.

We pride ourselves on making our jelly beans suitable for all consumers. We are dedicated to using natural colours and flavours in our products. By eliminating the use of meat-based gelatine, our jelly beans are suitable for vegetarians and are Halal and Kosher.

Sweets that use Gelatine

How Do Jelly Beans Get That Jelly Feel Without Gelatine?

One of the most important parts of a Jelly Bean Factory jelly bean is of course that perfect, jelly, chewy, centre. We love biting through that tangy, crunchy, sugary shell to get to the juicy, sweet, jelly inside and feel the huge flavour explode in our mouths.

Here at The Jelly Bean Factory, we don’t use gelatine in our gourmet jelly beans. Instead, our jelly bean scientists have developed a clever recipe using starch. Using starch, we can create something called glucose syrup. Glucose syrup is a thick gloopy substance that can be used as a vegetarian friendly alternative to gelatine.

Glucose syrup is starch and sugar based meaning that it’s free from any animal products. This makes it perfect for our vegetarian, Halal and Kosher gourmet jelly beans.

Our glucose syrup is broken down from starch based plants instead of wheat. This means our glucose syrup doesn’t contain any gluten. So it is completely gluten free as well!

We don’t use any unnatural ingredients in our natural jelly beans either! The Jelly Bean Factory gourmet jelly beans are completely free of any E numbers. All of our products are also free from all 14 EU Allergens (Gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, celery, mustard, eggs, milk, sesame, fish, crustaceans, molluscs, soya, sulphites and lupin). This meant that yes, all of our gourmet jelly beans are suitable for as many people as possible!

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