10 Things You Can Do With Jelly Beans

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We just love jelly beans! Here at The Jelly Bean Factory we just love making tasty flavorful jelly bean sweets, but did you know you can do so much more than just eat them. Here are 10 things you can do with jelly beans!


Eat Them

Eat Them! Of course, the best thing you can do with our delicious gourmet jelly beans is to eat them!  Every bean is packed full of amazing unique flavours and has a mouthwatering crunchy shell and delicious chewy jelly centre.


Share Them

The only thing better than eating our delicious tangy jelly beans is eating them with someone else! Our jars of gourmet jelly beans are designed for sharing with friends.

They make the perfect party favour for any event, like a wedding. Our little beans make the perfect, flavorful, memorable wedding favour that all your guest will enjoy.

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Make A Jelly Bean Roulette Wheel

Can’t decide which bean to eat! Make a jelly bean roulette wheel. Place a jelly bean of every flavour so it makes a giant circle. Then spin something like a pen in the middle of the circle. Whichever one of our 36 huge flavours the pen points to, you eat!


Give Them As A Gift

Jelly beans make the perfect gift for any occasion. If you need a gift for anyone then look no further than The Jelly Bean Factory. Our gourmet jelly beans are vegetarian, gluten-free, halal and kosher. This means they are suitable for almost everyone and makes them the perfect gift for anyone, at any time.


Make Maracas

Our amazing beans are just bursting with delicious flavour, they are musical too. A maraca is an instrument traditionally made by putting dried beans in a hollowed-out gourd. Well, why have dried beans, why you can have jelly beans! Place as many beans as you want in a container and give them a good shake. You can make a whole orchestra of maracas with a jar of our jelly beans.


Make A Picture

A mosaic is a picture made up of hundreds of colourful tiles to make one big picture. Unfortunately for mosaic artists, you can’t eat tiles…but you can eat jelly beans. We have 36 huge flavours of jelly beans and that mean 36 uniques flavours so you can make the most delicious, most colourful jelly bean mosaic ever!


Guess How Many Are In The Jar

This one’s simple. Take a good long look at one of our jars of jelly beans and try and guess how many of our delicious treats are in the jar. You can try it with friends and see who gets the closest. What do you win if you guess correctly… why you get to share jelly beans with your friends. What could be a better prize than that?

A jar of The Jelly Bean Factory Jelly Beans

See How Long You Can Hold A Bean On You Mouth

This might seem easy, but it’s actually very hard. Place one of our delicious, mouthwatering gourmet jelly beans on your tongue and see how long you can hold it there without needing to bite into that chewy flavourful jelly centre. Most jelly beans just have a flavour coating and then regular unflavoured jelly on the inside. Our gourmet jelly beans, however, have a delicious juicy flavoured centre, and once you taste the outside of the bean, it’s only a matter of seconds before you find yourself biting into it to get more.


Make A Flavour Tournament

Can’t decide which one of our 36 jelly bean flavours is your favourite? Make a flavour tournament. Take two flavours and see which you prefer. Then compare the winning flavour to another bean and see which you prefer. Keep going until you have tried every flavour of jelly bean. In the end, you’ll know exactly which jelly bean is the best! We sell some packs of all one flavour of jelly bean, so be sure to see if we do tubes of your favourite flavour on our store.

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Eat Them!

Ok, we know we’ve already said eat the, but eat them! The best you can do with any of our products is use them for what they were made for. To be the perfect sweet snack!


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